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What Are The Best Pre Dental Majors?

It’s a misconception that becoming a dentist is best if you major in biology. Biology is, of course, a solid concentration, but it’s certainly not the only or even best option for getting into dental school. 

In actuality, there is no specific major required for getting into dental school. What’s expected is students get a science degree. But you’re also expected to take prerequisite courses that meet dental school requirements.

Best Pre-Dental Majors:


The study of microscopic organisms doesn’t mean the only field you’re moving towards is a microbiologist. Knowing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi gives you a vital history for recognizing medical defects.


Courses in biology and chemistry will include studies in physics and mathematics. The field involves a lot of lab work, making it a great way to develop your ability to work in team settings. Biochemistry also helps you prepare for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT).


With physics, you study the world’s natural aspects and how they work. Physics majors learn about sound, mechanics, electricity, magnetism, heat, and energy. You focus on biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The studies overlap in the fields of engineering, biology, and chemistry.


Studying the behavior and make-up of chemical changes and matter includes coursework in physics, biochemistry, biology, and math. It involves hands-on learning, experimentation, and innovative thinking that will be invaluable in dentistry


Besides understanding the neurological aspects of human (and animal) organisms, majors in neuroscience assess the relationships between those organisms and the central nervous system. It’s a research-oriented major, excellent for preparing for medical, graduate, or dental school


Learning the part living organisms play in our functionality and characteristics is critical to any medical profession. Biology is the most popular major for potential dentists. This is because it is a broad topic that is offered at most all undergraduate colleges and universities, making it a versatile choice for pre-dental students. Majors in this field gain a depth of knowledge helpful for the DAT exam. 

Make Sure to Meet Your Prereqs

The pre-dentistry majors listed here are excellent pathways to dental school. Whichever you choose, you have to remember to also engage in coursework that meets the prerequisites that open doors to the best dental schools. But we strongly advise you pick a major that qualifies and best interests you.