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Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces Announces the Availability of Orthodontic Services at Savannah Office

The Benevis-supported practice hired orthodontist Dr. Grant Zakhar to expand care services for its current and future patients in the Savannah community. 

Savannah, GA, October 11, 2023 – Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces, a Benevis-supported dental practice, is excited to announce that orthodontic services now are available at its location. The practice recently hired orthodontist, Dr. Grant Zakhar, DDS, in order to expand availability of oral healthcare and specialty dental services for its current and future patients. 

The announcement comes during what Benevis named Happy, Healthy Smile Month, which recognizes two national celebrations – Dental Hygiene Month and Orthodontic Health Month. The observance reflects the extremely important role of both dental hygiene and orthodontia in a comprehensive oral health program that can help maintain a happy, healthy, confident smile for an entire lifetime. 

“Benevis is committed to meeting a range of our patients’ needs, including orthodontics, with the convenience of a dental home where all of a family’s needs can be met in one office,” said Dr. Dale Mayfield, DMD, chief dental officer of Benevis. “We are thrilled to be able to meet the broader needs of patients in the Savannah area with the addition of Dr. Zakhar to the practice.” 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children receive an orthodontic check-up by age seven, which is earlier than many families expect. Dr. Zakhar explains the benefits of this assessment. “A lot of teeth and jaw issues can be corrected early on that can make other dental adjustments easier in the future. That seven-year-old mark is worth it for families to check in and see how the growth and development of their child’s dental health is going. Most likely, you won’t need anything early on, but it is good to catch in the rare instance that we can intervene early for more complex conditions.” 

Families may be hesitant for an orthodontic assessment due to worries over the cost. Consumer Affairs found that braces can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $13,000 per child. Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces is happy to work with local families to design the best care path forward and accepts a variety of payment forms, from Medicaid to Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) and payment plans to insurance or a dental discount plan for patients without insurance. 

Zakhar understands the unique needs of working with underserved families and is already inspired by the patients and families he has treated so far. “It has been exciting to see these kids just light up with joy because they’re so excited that they’re finally getting braces and fixing whatever they wanted,” Zakhar said. “The parents are so appreciative that we started orthodontics here at the office.” 

For current or prospective patients interested in orthodontic services in the Savannah, Georgia area, reach out to the office Monday through Thursday between 8-5:30 p.m. ET or visit  

About Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces 

Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces is one of Georgia’s leaders in Medicaid and affordable dental care for children and their families. Supported by Benevis, Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces serves over 5,000 children on Medicaid annually. Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces and its doctors are committed to improving lives by providing high-quality dental care in a fun, compassionate environment. To learn more about Savannah Smiles Youth Dentistry & Braces, visit 

About Benevis 

Benevis is a leading dental healthcare delivery organization for practices focused on delivering life-changing oral care and orthodontics to underserved communities. Through comprehensive care and operational services that expand access to dentistry, Benevis has a 20-year history of providing the highest quality care to approximately 5 million children and adults. Its network reaches more than 100 locally branded dental offices across the U.S. that deliver treatment through 1.2 million visits each year. Benevis also advocates for programs and legislation that ensure all families have access to the oral healthcare they need and deserve. For more information, visit