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Benevis Leaders Share Insights at Becker’s Future of Dentistry Roundtable 

Several Benevis executives had the privilege of participating in Becker’s Future of Dentistry Roundtable held June 19-21, 2024, in Chicago. From the evolving role of private equity to advancements in dental technology, our team offered valuable perspectives on how Benevis is navigating these trends while staying true to our mission of expanding access to high-quality dental care for underserved communities.

Private Equity’s Next Play for DSOs

CEO Bryan Carey joined two panel discussions at the event. In the first, Carey discussed private equity’s impact on Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), highlighting how Benevis has leveraged investment to build a differentiated, scalable operating model focused on Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) patients. He stressed the importance of partnering with investors who take a long-term view on building sustainable platforms aligned with quality patient care.

The key takeaway? Bryan advised DSOs to build differentiated, scalable operating models. He highlighted Benevis’ focus on underserved patients and the importance of partnering with PE firms that take a long-term view on building sustainable platforms.

Top Priorities for DSO Executives

In the second panel session on top priorities for DSO executives, Carey shared his journey and Benevis’ mission to enhance healthcare accessibility, particularly for underserved populations. When the discussion shifted to industry-wide staffing challenges, Carey noted Benevis’ success in attracting diverse talent who drawn to the company’s mission. He shared how Benevis’ assisted hygiene model and empowering work environment help mitigate shortages while ensuring fair compensation for valued team members.

The key takeaway? Carey emphasized that dental providers and professionals must be driven by a shared mission that supports better patient access to high-quality dental care.

Advancements in Dental Technology

Will Alexander, chief of enterprise operations, participated in a panel discussion on technology advancements and their transformative impact on dentistry. He pointed to digital tools like intraoral scanners that improve patient comfort and education, as well as AI’s potential to reduce administrative burdens so providers can focus more on care. Alexander emphasized technology’s power to create consistent experiences and facilitate data sharing across healthcare.

The key takeaway? Alexander highlighted that advancements in dental technology are rapidly transforming the field, improving patient outcomes, experiences, and access to care.

The Economics of Dentistry and Healthcare

Kyle Knopik, senior vice president of strategy & transformation, provided insights into the economic implications of transitioning to a value-based care (VBC) model and the impact of workforce trends and government policies on dental care delivery. He shared promising data from Benevis practices in Louisiana, where preventive care lowered costs by over $78 per patient compared to state averages. Knopik expressed optimism about VBC’s ability to improve outcomes and sustainability, especially for organizations serving Medicaid populations.

The key takeaway? Knopik reminded attendees that dental practices must continually adapt to evolving economic, technology, and policy landscapes to remain financially sustainable while delivering high-quality, accessible care.

The Final Word

Throughout the event, our leaders reinforced Benevis’ commitment to expanding oral health access for the underserved. Whether discussing growth strategies, community engagement, or policy advocacy, they highlighted our patient-centric approach and drive to reduce barriers to essential dental healthcare. 

Our leaders’ participation not only showcased Benevis’ innovative work, but also advanced dialogue on how dental organizations can promote equity, quality, and sustainability in today’s dynamic landscape.