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Celebrating 20 Years of Smiles

This year, we are honored to celebrate our 20-year anniversary at Benevis with our patients, partners, and teammates. Founded as a dental services organization in 2002, we have delivered on our mission of creating happier, healthier smiles in the communities that need us most.


For two decades, we have been changemakers in the dental industry and the dental care of millions of underserved patients, with children’s smiles at the heart of our care. Today, we proudly serve 120 dental offices and communities in 13 states and the District of Columbia with kindness and respect.


A few noteworthy milestones and special moments since Benevis’ beginnings:

  • We have cared for approximately 5 million patients – 82% of them currently covered by Medicaid or CHIP plans.
  • We’ve treated almost 4 million kids’ smiles, firming up our commitment to raise the standard of children’s oral healthcare through early intervention.
  • We’ve established routine dental care and treatment plans for patients during one of 25.5 million visits to our offices.
  • We’ve worked together with more than 10,500 dentists, caregivers, and teammates to help change the trajectory of dental care in the United States.
  • Our dentists and caregivers have treated patients for 1.7 million emergencies, 19 million fillings and sealants, and 200,000+ orthodontics.
  • We have donated thousands of hours and treated more than 2,500 children through Sharing Smiles Day, an initiative Benevis began in 2015 to provide a free day of dental services to kids in our surrounding communities in the greatest need of care.
  • We’ve partnered with Head Start programs, schools, and Community Health Centers to deliver high-quality dental care to disadvantaged patient populations.


With the help of thousands of Benevis’ teammates along the way, we have enjoyed a 20-year history of serving the underserved with compassion and care.


We appreciate every Benevis team member who has helped us make a real and lasting difference in our patients’ lives.


A very special thank you to the millions of patients who have allowed us to be a part of their lives since 2002. We look forward to 20 more years of making a difference in the dental care for every child in every one of our communities.


Bryan Carey, Benevis CEO