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Benevis Hosts Sharing Smiles Day to Deliver Free Dental Care to Families in Need

26 locally branded dental practices will open their doors to uninsured or underinsured children to provide oral health treatment at no cost on Sunday, May 21, 2023.


Atlanta, GA, May 2, 2023 – Benevis, a leading dental support organization (DSO) for practices focused on dental care and orthodontics, is proud to announce it will host its eighth annual Sharing Smiles Day on Sunday, May 21, 2023. The volunteer event features 26 locally branded Benevis dental practices that will provide free dental care to uninsured or underinsured children and their families. Benevis encourages families to register at in advance of the event.

In the U.S., rates of untreated tooth decay are twice as high for children from low- or limited income families compared with children from middle- or high-income families, according to the JAMA Network. Over the past seven years, Sharing Smiles Day has provided dental relief to more than 2,500 patients across 11 states to help combat poor oral health in children and educate families on healthy dental habits. More than 1,200 volunteers from Benevis and partner practices will proudly participate in the eighth annual event.

“Creating a nation of happy healthy smiles starts with one patient at a time; however, there are too many disadvantaged families in the U.S. that face coverage gaps and financial challenges, putting necessary care out of reach,” said Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis. “Sharing Smiles Day enables our clinical teams to expand access to care and give back to the communities and families we serve.”

Central to the mission at Benevis is improving access to essential dental healthcare and creating dental homes for families with various forms of insurance, including Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). To deliver on its mission, Benevis supports a network of like-minded, community-focused dentists that prioritize patient health to make a national impact. In addition to providing compassionate care, clinical teams prioritize educating children and families about daily brushing, flossing, and the importance of good nutrition for a healthy smile.

“Benevis is committed to breaking down oral healthcare barriers by expanding access to affordable, high-quality dental care for children and families in disadvantaged communities across the country,” shared Dr. Dale Mayfield, DMD, chief dental officer of Benevis. “We’re delighted to provide oral health care services to families in need each year.”

Sharing Smiles Day is open to children up to age 18 and adults who do not have Medicaid or other forms of dental insurance. The available free treatments will include dental exams, limited emergency care, extractions, and restorative care, with cleanings offered on a limited basis. To learn more please watch our video, or to register, please click here.

About Benevis

Benevis is a leading dental support organization (DSO) for practices focused on delivering life-changing dental care and orthodontics. Through comprehensive dental practice support services that expand access to dentistry, Benevis has a 20-year history of providing the highest quality care to approximately 5 million children and adults in underserved communities. Its support services are employed in more than 100 locally branded dental offices that have delivered treatment during 1.2 million visits. Benevis also advocates for programs and legislation that ensure all families have access to the oral healthcare they need and deserve. For more information, visit