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Employee Spotlight: Chaquayla Moore, Office Manager

From Patient to Office Manager, Chaquayla Moore Gives Back to Her Community

Chaquayla Moore is the office manager for Benevis-supported Sunnybrook Dentistry in Jackson, Mississippi. But her first encounter with the practice was as a patient.

“I’ve been a patient here at this office since it was first opened in Jackson. My siblings and my daughter are also patients here,” Moore said. Born and raised in Jackson, Moore attended college at Jackson State University and Mississippi College, first pursuing a path as a dental hygienist. She soon realized the heavy science curriculum wasn’t a good fit. Instead, she started learning more about the operational side of healthcare including scheduling and software used in the industry. She moved to Texas briefly to work in dentistry before returning to Mississippi.

When an office manager position opened at Sunnybrook Dentistry, she found her chance to return to her dental home. Moore’s long-standing relationship with the practice gave her a unique perspective when transitioning from patient to employee. “I was able to see how big the office really was,” Moore said. “I was very thrilled to be given the position to go from a patient to an employee and see the other side of things.”

What attracted Chaquayla to dentistry was the more intimate nature of the work. Comparing it to her previous experiences in the medical field, she noted, “Dentistry is more hands-on; it’s more personal. You get to have that one-on-one time with patients, build trust, and be there for them.” She fondly recalls one family with twin toddlers, who have left a lasting impression on her. “I love them to death. When they come in, I run up to them and give them a hug.”

In her role as office manager, Moore’s days are filled with a variety of tasks, from ensuring financial goals are met to verifying insurance and preparing for busy orthodontic days. She takes pride in her proactive approach, stating, “I try to mention the things that I’m noticing we’re having issues with so that we can get ahead of it.” Her willingness to go above and beyond is evident, whether she’s assisting with appointment confirmations, cleaning instruments, or even staying late to accommodate a patient who has been rescheduled multiple times.

One aspect that sets Sunnybrook and Benevis apart, in Moore’s view, is the commitment to training and development. “We’re able to sit in on procedures and learn… Some office managers have been trained by providers to be dental assistants,” Moore said. This opportunity for continuous learning and growth is something she values deeply.

Working for a mission-based organization like Benevis aligns perfectly with Moore’s personal values. “Before I figured out what I wanted to do career-wise, I had always stated that my focus would be the underserved, underinsured, and uninsured population, ” she explained. “I am able to serve my community through my career.” The organization’s dedication to serving this population resonates with her, making her role even more fulfilling.

Moore brings a larger-than-life passion and empathy to her work. Her unique journey from patient to office manager enriches her ability to serve and support those around her, making her an invaluable part of the Sunnybrook Dentistry and Benevis team.


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