Medicaid Dental Programs in Seven States Could Save $550 Million Annually or Provide Care for 1.9 Million More Children Through Adoption of Kool Smiles Practice Model

A multi-state, multi-year analysis from Dobson DaVanzo & Associates using publicly available Medicaid data found that Kool Smiles providers performed fewer dental services at lower costs than other Medicaid providers in their geographic areas.

Key findings include:

  • Kool Smiles dental providers performed 15 percent fewer services overall, including 40 percent fewer extractions and 39 percent fewer pulpotomies.
  • As a result of lower utilization rates, Kool Smiles patients had an overall average monthly Medicaid expenditure that was 33 percent lower than non-Kool Smiles patients across all states and years analyzed.
  • If all Medicaid dental providers in these seven states adopted the same care protocol and utilization rates as Kool Smiles providers, the total savings to state Medicaid programs would be more than $550 million annually.
  • Alternatively, the annual Medicaid savings could fund the provision of dental care for up to 1.9 million more Medicaid children who currently do not receive care.
  • The study findings support existing literature indicating that the dental service organization (DSO) model is a cost-effective means of increasing access to dental care among pediatric Medicaid patient populations.

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State-level analyses and cost-savings calculations were performed for: Georgia, Indiana, LouisianaMississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.