Thinking About Selling Your Dental Practice?

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Benevis has been proudly supporting dentists and their practices for over 12 years. We specialize in affiliating with well-run dental offices and keeping them that way. We are not dental practice brokers. We are the only dental service organization that customizes transaction terms based on your needs and works with you every step of the way for a smooth practice transition. If you are thinking about selling your dental practice in the next 3-5 years – look no further than Benevis to get the most for your dental practice.

There are many reasons to sell a dental practice – retirement, personal circumstances or lifestyle changes including:

  • Desire to cash out practice equity
  • Need to relocate to a different area
  • Multi-owner practice with gradual transitions
  • Want to pursue another professional career

Whatever the reason, you want to make sure your needs are met when selling your dental practice. That also includes the needs of your patients and staff. Remember, not all DSOs are created equal. See for yourself why Benevis is the best option for selling your dental practice.

“I’m still running the practice but now have the expert support of an incredible organization behind me.”

Dr. D. Hampton, DMD

What’s in it for you?

Cash Upfront with Straightforward Terms
Customized Transition Based on Your Needs
Practice Brand & Community Reputation
Maintain Full Clinical Control
Stress-Free Practice Transition Upon Exit

Knowledge is Power

If you want to sell your dental practice at peak value – it’s very important to start planning 3-5 years in advance of your anticipated exit. There are many options out there, so it’s important you explore them all before making a decision.

  • Consult experts to determine any tax, real estate & financial issues
  • Get comparable dental practice sales figures for your area
  • Make sure your practice has high collections & revenue growth
  • Update your practice with current equipment & technology
  • Have a well maintained & up-to-date office

After you’ve done your research, you’ll understand why Benevis is the best option to sell your dental practice!

Does your practice fit with what we’re looking for?

700,000+ Annual Collections
We have found that our services work best with practices grossing $700,000 or more in collections.
Located in These 18 States & DC
If your state isn’t shown here, we aren’t able to work with you at this time. Keep checking back as we occasionally add new states. We are not currently affiliating with any specialty or pediatric practices.
Well-Run Practice with Solid Staff & Reputation
We pride ourselves on affiliating with top dentists that are respected in their communities.
Exit Plans in 1 to 5 Years
For a successful practice transition to occur, the seller(s) commit to work in the practice for an agreed upon timeframe. On average our doctors stay and work 18-24 months. In some rural areas, we may need you to stay for 36 months or until we are able to identify a suitable dentist to fill your shoes.

Who is Benevis?

135+ affiliated practices400+ professionals12+ years experience

The Benevis Affiliation Process

Affiliation with Benevis provides dentists with exceptional support services and unique practice transition opportunities. Below are the highlights of what you can expect when affiliating with Benevis.

  1. You receive cash for your office
  2. You set the terms of your affiliation agreement
  3. You run the practice until you’re ready to transfer it to a new doctor
  4. You immediately enter our affiliate network and have access to our Practice+ Advantage support services

How are deals structured?

Benevis acquires your non-clinical practice assets, including equipment and supplies, while your clinical assets are transferred to a new PC. You and your staff will enjoy the same great benefits as the entire Benevis family. You typically receive an upfront payment of 80% of the value of your dental practice. The remainder is paid when you fulfill your mutually agreed upon practice transition commitment. Benevis works with you through every step of the practice sale and transition process. We do our very best to accommodate your dental practice transition and personal goals.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Benevis affiliate click here:

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The Practice+ Advantage

Smooth transitions = our #1 priority

Selling your dental practice might be the single biggest decision of your professional career. It is important to be well informed and understand what this process means for you and the legacy of your practice. We designed our Practice+ Advantage services to specifically meet your needs and priorities. After the sale of your practice, Benevis provides the following services geared to optimize profitability and add value to your dental practice. It’s super easy & cost effective!

Most Things Remain Unchanged

  • Maintain clinical autonomy
  • Continued practice leadership and influence
  • Staffing and employment related decision pertaining to employees
  • Billing, collections, and posting handled at the practice level
  • Practice brand and community reputation

There are a Few Beneficial Necessary Conversions

  • Payroll processing and benefits administration (paid time off, insurance, 401k)
  • Accounts payable services
  • Dental supply vendor
  • Banking, credit card terminals, third party financing options

Additional Value Added Services

  • Operations and human resources support
  • Basic compliance (OSHA, Infection Control)
  • Fee schedule analysis, payor negotiation and credentialing support
  • Practice accounting and tax services
  • Financial reporting and planning
  • Facility improvements

Additional Optional Service Offerings

  • Benevis preferred dental lab vendor
  • Marketing and patient communication vendors
  • Benevis supported facility services (janitorial, pest control)

It typically takes between 12-36 months to successfully transition a dental practice.

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Thoughts from Affiliated Dentists on Partnering with Benevis

“The Benevis team has been most supportive and responsive as our staff has made its transition from a private solo practice to members of the Benevis family.”

—Dr. Lynn Shaw, Practice Owner

“What I like best about Benevis is that I am able to run my practice exactly the way I always have.”

—Dr. Martin Diamond, Practice Owner

Affiliating with Benevis has lifted so much of the day to day stress off of my shoulders. It's nice working with people who really care about you—not just the well being of the practice, but of you as well. I can truly say dentistry is fun again!

—Dr. Derrick Hampton, Practice owner

Affiliation with Benevis has been very beneficial to me as a practitioner and practice owner. Having them as a partner, has allowed me to focus 100% of my time and attention to getting the clinical outcomes my patients deserve and building the skills of my associates without the additional burden of management, entrepreneurial risk, legal liabilities and human resources demands that took up so much of my time. Now, I work a schedule where I have more time with the family and can take advantage of more opportunities for personal development.

—Dr. David Vieth, Practice owner

Working with Benevis has really changed the way I felt about being a practice owner. After years of working in my own practice it was refreshing to leave behind dealing with accountants, attorneys, paying bills, and managing every aspect of the office. In Benevis, I found a real partner with access to capital and expertise in the specific areas of practice management where I didn’t want to dedicate my time. As their partner, I’m now the owner of numerous practices where I can focus on being the best clinician, working directly with my associates, and making sure that my patients have the very best dental experience possible.

—Dr. Dale Mayfield, Practice owner

Affiliation Team

  • Ryan Lindgren

    Ryan Lindgren

    VP of Acquisitions & Development

    With over ten years of experience in the dental industry, Ryan leads the Acquisitions Team. He encourages his group to approach affiliation with dentists as a partnership—fostered through integrity, visibility, and frequent communication throughout the affiliation process. His efforts are focused around helping the team craft customized affiliation and transition plans meeting the needs of each dentist. Ryan joined Benevis in 2004, and has focused his efforts on growth strategy and development. Ryan manages the affiliation program for Georgia and Tennessee.
  • Don Spiert

    Don Spiert

    Director of Acquisitions

    Don brings extensive experience in finance, compliance, risk management, and dental operations to the Acquisitions Team. Prior to joining Benevis, Don managed a national team of specialists at Bank of America Practice Solutions which provided on-site financial and operational support to dentists. Don’s deep understanding of dental finance enables him to craft individualized transition proposals for each doctor. Don manages the affiliation program for Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.
  • Stephanie Needham

    Stephanie Needham

    Acquisitions Associate

    In her role as Acquisitions Associate, Stephanie supports both the Acquisitions team members and dental affiliates as they move through the affiliation process. A seasoned customer service professional, Stephanie brings extensive experience working with patients and clients to the Acquisitions Team.

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I’m Ready, What’s Next?

Let’s talk!

During our initial conversation, we will determine if Benevis is a good option for your dental practice transition needs.
If so, we will ask you to:

  1. Sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect you and Benevis during the exchange of confidential and privileged information as we continue conversations.
  2. Fill out a practice profile so we can better understand the ins and outs of your practice.
  3. Send us some financial information along with a few reports from your practice management system.

With this information, we will complete a valuation for your practice and set up a time to review the details with you.