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Dentistry, like almost any industry, has undergone some changes over time. One of the emerging trends of recent years is the growth of group dental practices.

A group dental practice can range from a couple of locations in the same town to over a hundred different offices scattered about the country.

The Growth of Group Dental Practices

As America has become more corporatized, so has the dental industry. According to the American Dental Association, the number of dental practices owned by sole practitioners fell from 67% in 1991 to 57% in 2012. During the same time, the number of dentists that owned their own practice also fell from 91% to 84%.

The ADA also reports that from 2002 to 2012, the market share for large dental firms increased while the market share for offices of fewer than five employees declined.

Reasons for Growth

Why are so many dentists flocking to the group dental practice model? There are a number of reasons why the industry itself is shifting, including reduced overhead costs, corporate financial backing and tax and liability benefits for corporations.

There are also many things about group affiliation that dentists are now seeing as beneficial. The following are benefits of affiliating with a group dental practice or support network, such as Benevis:

  • Dentists are able to spend more time treating patients.
  • Administrative tasks, including payroll and benefits, facilities management, human resources, recruiting, purchasing and operations support, are no longer dentist duties.
  • For groups with over 10 locations, services even extend to IT, legal representation, marketing, advocacy, a call center and more.

See why so many dentists are transitioning away from their private practices in favor of group dental practices, and learn more about why affiliating with Benevis can be the right move for you. We currently have more than 130 affiliates throughout the country, and there are multiple practices available for purchase today!



American Dental Association:

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Zac Rhinesmith

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Zac joined Benevis as a Manager of Talent Acquisition in 2015. He works to identify dentists who would be interested in ownership opportunities at our affiliated practices across the United States. Zac enjoys really getting to know the dentists he works with so he can help them purchase a practice that perfectly suits their needs. Zac spends his free time with his wife and two dogs. When the weather gets warm, you can usually find him on the lake, at a Braves game, or playing golf.

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