Dental Practice Transition

Whether you are a new dentist looking to transition into an existing practice, or a veteran dentist looking to transition out of the practice you have managed for years, Benevis can help simplify the process. 

Benevis is a comprehensive practice services company that provides non-clinical support to affiliated practices. When you become a Benevis affiliate, you will receive the support of over 400 Benevis team members along with several unique practice transition opportunities.

According to Dentistry IQ, "A dentist looking to transition in or out of any dental practice needs to formulate a plan with a team of experienced advisors and advocates who can help the dentist identify and understand the contractual matters and operational issues associated with a transition and to avoid potential operational, financial, legal, and tax pitfalls."

Benevis can help with these issues and more.

Transitioning Into a Dental Practice

For dentists who are looking to start their own practice, it can be more cost efficient to buy an existing practice than to build one from the ground up.

According to Dental CPAs, "While the price tag of an existing practice can be higher than the out of pocket costs of a startup, the practice purchase is usually less costly overall as the purchase of a practice puts you into the swing of things faster, maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) and getting dollars back into your bank account faster. Financing a practice purchase may also be easier than financing a start up practice."

Transitioning into a Benevis practice will also simplify administrative tasks related to:

  • Human resources
  • Recruiting
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Finance
  • Accounts payable
  • Facilities management
  • Operations support

Benevis has several practice ownership opportunities available. Browse through the list to find a dental practice transition opportunity that works for you!

Transitioning Out of a Dental Practice

When you are ready to transition out of your dental practice, there are a few things you should do before putting your practice on the market:

Get a practice valuation. You can request a free practice valuation from Benevis now!

Build value in your practice ASAP. If your practice doesn't already have a website, building one will help you market to buyers. Other things that can help build value include updating the waiting area, office and exam rooms, advertising on social media and marketing to as many new patients as you can. The more value you have in your practice, the more attractive it will be for potential buyers. 

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Interested in becoming a Benevis affiliate? Want more information about dental practice transitions? Contact Benevis today, and see how our support services can make your dental practice transition seamless.

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Zac Rhinesmith

Zac Rhinesmith

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Zac joined Benevis as a Manager of Talent Acquisition in 2015. He works to identify dentists who would be interested in ownership opportunities at our affiliated practices across the United States. Zac enjoys really getting to know the dentists he works with so he can help them purchase a practice that perfectly suits their needs. Zac spends his free time with his wife and two dogs. When the weather gets warm, you can usually find him on the lake, at a Braves game, or playing golf.

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